Google I/O is the one event many people have expectedly and somewhat patiently been waiting for. And, waves were certainly raised when the company announced the new hardware, software, and tech that is currently being developed with some already ready for the premiere.

Some highlights include the Google AI assistant and abilities, Android Q Beta 3, new Google aspects for the different apps (Google Play Store and Maps) and its search engine and the new Pixel 3 smartphone line. What are some of the latest Google Play Store tools and improvements that will be shown at Google I/O 2019?

New Features For Android App Bundle

It was last year that the company unveiled the Android App Bundle, and now, its got an array of features that are sure to entice users. One such feature is the dynamic features, which provides three options:

  • On-Demand Delivery – Users can install features when it’s necessary for them or in the background rather than being delivered and installed when available. Also helps in decreasing the app size.
  • Conditional Delivery – This controls which aspects of the app should be delivered when available for install based on the device features, user’s country or the minimum SDK version.
  • Instant Experiences – This is completely supported, ensuring you need to upload a single artifact for the installed app and Google Play Instant experiences.

Users find these options rather important because it ensures a smaller app file size and lets the update download in the background even if the user is currently using the app.

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