Google has ended its Inbox by Gmail service, which means Gmail is the only thing left. Still, there are an array of apps that operate similarly to Inbox by Gmail. If you’re interested in a program that offers the same type of specs that Inbox by Gmail had to offer, you’ll be glad to know that there are some worthwhile alternatives to check out. Be aware that some of these options may be even better than Inbox by Gmail or don’t have as many options as the program.


This is one of the best email services that comes pre-installed in most Android devices. Due to the vast array of requests, Google has included the features of Inbox by Gmail’s key features into every update. For example, Gmail will divvy emails into labels like Primary, Social and Updates. Other features include but is not limited to:

  • Ability for quick reply
  • Ability to add more than one email accounts
  • Use Material Theme Design


With the Spark Email App, your emails are divided into two categories, and it shows just the important notifications. With one tap, users can read or delete emails, make quick replies and set up emails. The app will also group follow-up notifications for emails and supports various email accounts such as Yahoo and Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook

This app has many useful features including but not limited to:

  • Email sorting
  • Delete swiping
  • Email snoozes
  • Automatic deletion of spam emails

There is also a navigation bar on the app.

Outlook provides additional security with a search bar that you can use for certain threads.


This paid app can support over 10 hosting services – Outlook, Gmail and more. There are a ton of worthwhile features:

  • Read Receipts – informs you if the recipient read the email you send.
  • Well-designed inbox UI
  • App support – Evernote, Todoist, etc.
  • Newton lets you snooze emails, so they appear in a notification later on.
  • Schedule emails

The cost is $50 a year.

Edison Mail

There are many things that Edison Mail has to offer including:

  • Built-in assistant
  • Let you unsubscribe easily
  • Undo sent emails
  • Provide quick search results
  • Stop read receipts
  • Smart notifications

Users can make use of FaceID or TouchID to keep conversations private as well.

Type App Mail

This program supports many different email service providers, simplistic inbox, wireless print, displays notifications, dark mode and support for Wear OS. It also has a Material Design UI.

If you miss Inbox by Gmail, you need to check out any one of the above apps as an alternative to it.

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