Many of us are familiar with Google Play Store and the Apple Store. That’s because these marketplaces are created by two of the largest and most influential tech companies today.

However, there is another player on the scene and its said that it is potentially better than either of these two.

Aptoide is an alternative marketplace that runs on the Android operating system. It’s regarded as a better option by some due to a number of reasons.

It’s built on an open-source software model, allowing for the applications within to be downloaded for free. Developers can also own an Aptoide store and create apps for this platform without having to pay any amount.

Recently, Aptoide announced that it is adopting Appcoins cryptocurrency. This is expected to remove the middlemen in the process. Resulting in an easier and faster transaction cycle between developers and consumers.

But perhaps the best thing about is the fact that you can download Google Play Store from within this marketplace. All while enjoying all the other benefits that it provides.

Downloading Google Play Store requires saving and launching an APK file in your mobile device. To do that, you can search for Google Play Store from the Apps section of the Aptoide website or you can use the link here.

After you’ve downloaded the APK,simply follow the instructions for installing it on your mobile  phone. Once done, you should then be able to open up Aptoide on your mobile phone. From there, search for Play Store and install.

Do note that your device has to run on an Android OS for this to work.

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