There’s still no Nox App Player available for iOS, which means iPhone and iPad users still need to rely on alternative Android emulators that they can install on their mobile device.

Android gamers and fans of the emulator who are using iOS devices are still hoping that the developers will finally listen to their pleas. Good thing Nox is available on Mac or it would have been another case of Android and Windows users getting the upper hand, especially because there are several emulators for PC already.

Considered one of 2019’s top Android emulators for PC and Mac by Android Authority, Nox continues to resonate with PC gamers who want to enjoy Android games on their computers.

Mac gamers are getting some love from the Android emulator too.

It may seem hard to believe that Android and iOS can be in one place at the same time, but Nox makes this possible.

The Nox App Player is created by Bignox, a China-based team that is determination to develop the best Android emulator available. And it didn’t disappoint.

The emulator’s compatibility and stability provide gamers with the best experience ever.

Some of its features include:

  • Key mapping using a keyboard
  • Key-map gesture controls
  • Controller support
  • Virtual location function
  • Totally green free
  • Built-in video recorder and macro reader
  • Supports multitasking

With Nox in your computer, you can give your mobile device a rest without the need to stop playing Android mobile games.

While waiting for Nox App Player for iOS to be developed, have fun with it on Mac in the meantime.

How to download and install the Nox app player for Mac

  1. Download the dmg file from a reliable source. Choose a file destination.
  2. Once download is complete, navigate to the folder where the installer is saved.
  3. Double click on the dmg file to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions until installation is complete.

If you are connected online, the rest of the related files for Nox emulator will be downloaded over the internet upon installation.

But if you wish to install offline, you need to download an offline installer where all the files required for installation are packed in one file.

Why is there a need for a Nox App Player for iOS?

So that people who own iOS devices, but love Android games and apps can enjoy them.

Some of the best games are made for Android devices, after all. And the inability to play them due to incompatibility is a real bummer.

If Android users get the best of both worlds—play both Android and iOS games on one device, iOS users should have that opportunity too.

With an emulator installed, the easier it is to use both the iOS and Android systems on a single device. This allows you to enjoy apps and tools developed solely for Android on your Apple devices.

Because Nox has nifty features that other emulators lack, a Nox App Player for iOS is a must.

In the meantime, use the Nox emulator on your mac or install the iAndroid emulator for the iPhone and iPad.

It can be installed on a jailbroken device. And if your iOS device isn’t jailbroken, iAndroid is still easy to use.

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