Any Android user knows how important Google Play Store is. After all, it’s where you download, purchase, install and manage all your favorite apps, so it’s basically essential to the full functionality of your mobile device.

But what if you accidentally deleted Google Play Store from your phone? Can you still restore it? What should you do next? The good news is: you can work your way around getting Google Play Store back on your Android device. Here are some tips:

Try to enable Google Play Store on your device

When you bought your phone, it was already pre-installed with Google Play Store. Therefore, this program is a bit harder to delete completely from your device. So if Google Play Store was accidentally deleted because of a glitch or error, it may have just been “disabled” and not completely removed from the system.

To fix this, you just need to go to “Settings,” then “Applications” or “Application Manager” and choose “All” from the options. Scroll down to find Google Play Store on the list and tap to open.

From there, you will see if the app is “disabled,” to which you can just click “enable” to get it back on track.

Move Google Play Store to the home screen

Another scenario for your app being gone is that you just removed it from the home screen but not on your phone. Apps are usually stored on the App drawer unless you move them into the home screen.

So if that’s the case, you can simply go to the App drawer, find the Google Play Store icon, hold it and drag to your home screen. You can also choose “Add to home screen” depending on what device you’re using.

Download the APK to re-install Google Play Store

If you already tried the first two methods but your app is really missing from your device, you will need to download its APK file in order to re-install the app.

There are 6 common mirrors where you can download the Google Play Store APK file from: APKMirror, Android APKs Box Mirror, ZippyShare Mirror, APKPure Mirror, AndroidFileHost Mirror and Mediafire Mirror.

After downloading the APK file, simply move it to your device and install it. Once the process is done, just restart your mobile device and Google Play Store should be up and running again.

Finally, if you’re already running out of options, you may need to do a factory reset on your device in order to get its original settings back, which includes your pre-installed Google Play Store app.

Backup your important data first, then go to “Settings,” “Privacy,” “Factory Reset,” and select “Erase Everything.” Once the phone is booted back up again, you should see Google Play Store re-installed on your device.

So if you accidentally deleted Google Play Store on your phone, don’t press the panic button yet. Instead, try one or more of these methods to recover the app quickly.

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