If you’re fond of hunting and sandbox games, then you’ve probably come across Deer Hunter. If not, then it’s something you should definitely consider getting into.


Deer Hunter is a series of hunting simulation games that allow you to stalk prey minus the bloodhounds. Originally released by Wizardworks on a Windows platform in November 1997, it has since been published on Mac, Game Boy Color, PlayStation 2, and mobile phones.


Gameplay scenarios usually take place in a thick forest or meadow, at different seasons. As you navigate the space, animals other than the elusive deer can be seen roaming around or playing. In some incarnations, you can encounter the likes of Bigfoot or maybe stumble upon some UFOs. The latest version allow (2018) allow players to do a number of things.

  • Manage a deer herd.
  • Decide the genetic traits of offspring.
  • Hunt around the world. Players can pursue trophies in exotic locations like Alaska and Zimbabwe.
  • Hunt big game animals like bears.
  • Take down predators.
  • Improved aiming and shooting functions.
  • Hunt with dogs.
  • Bag special trophies.
  • Customize firearms so scopes, barrels, and stocks so you have the perfect weapon for each hunt.

Glu Credits Patcher

One of the best features of any sandbox game is having the ability to offer credits. Players earn and/or purchase these to give themselves the best advantage during gameplay. In the case of Deer Hunter there have been reports of Glu Credits not being received. But the Glu Credits Patcher offers a solution to this problem. This latest APK version, V 3.0.2 is a 2.8 MB file that doesn’t need the root for you to be able to download and use it.

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