Gmail users who are already accustomed to its services should be surprised after it announced its next-generation email interface, Inbox. Well, some of them might have tried this interface, but is it worth the try?

In 2014, some users have criticized this app because they were not satisfied with the interface. So, most of them has left the app, going back to the email interface they have been used to.

However, the return of Inbox has stunned users, making them less frustrated and more productive than ever. Perhaps the new users might get confused and find it a bit out of their taste. But, if you want to try it out, you might give it some time to experience the organizational advantages it can give you.

Give It Some Time as a Fresh Start

If it’s your first time to open Inbox, you can see clusters of messages. They may be organized weirdly, as you can see old reminders from Google, mixed up with the way with its own email management. But, you need not panic because it has its own process and email management that you need to get used to.

You Can Let Go Of Your Old Habits and Adjust Your Workflow

You can learn how things are being marked and ordered on the Inbox app. So, deal with every single detail you can see upon opening your Inbox. If you think emails may not require some sort of action, just mark it as done. Likewise, if you can’t attend to such an email right away, you can always let it remind you later and when it returns, then you will be able to deal with it.

Just Expand Your View about Inbox

There are various types of items incorporated to your Inbox app, which serves as a command center for personal productivity. Moreover, it offers seamless integration with the cross-platform reminder system from Google.

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