In order for you to easily have Google Play Services on an Android device, you must go into a local app storehouse and download it. The Play Store has a plethora of apps that can run on your Android tablet or smartphone.

Just visit the Play Store and type in the Google Play Services in the search bar, which will give you a list of apps that relate to your app. Just tap on the first one to start the download and install the app on your Android device.

Unfortunately, there are times when the Play Store will no longer work as it should. Thus, you’ll need to go to an external source to get a copy of Google Play Services. You’ll need to get a current APK version for the Play Store that fits with your device.

How To Know What Android Version Your Device Is Running

In order to find out what version you need for your Android device, be sure you go to your device’s Settings section. Go to About Phone and Android Version. Once you know what version you have, you’ll need to hit your Unknown Sources on to download the APK file. Go to the device’s Settings area and visit Security to find this setting.

There will be a three-number suffix to help you realize what version you are running and need for an APK file. The three numbers are divided into the following:

  • Android version
  • CPU architecture
  • Dots-Per-Inch (DPI)

You can find the latest Play Services version by going to Settings, Apps, All Tabs and Google Play Services.

While you may think to download any Google Play Store APK file is fine, but it could lead to incompatibility problems with your device.

Google Play Store APK File Download Sources

If Google Play Store is giving you some trouble, you do have the alternative to find the APK file at a trusted external source. But, you must be mindful of the consequences that can arise from installing just any Play Services version on an Android device.

Google Play Services is what makes the Play Store work. Therefore, to attain the apps from the Play Store and ensure they run smoothly, you need to update Play Services. You do this by updating it through the Play Store, looking for it by keyword.

Should there be any issues with the Google Play Store, you may need to go to an external site to find a stable version of Play Services. If this happens, you’ll be downloading an APK file onto your devices.

Make sure to know what file version is compatible with your device. You can find this out by doing the following:

Visit Settings, App, All Tabs and Google Play Services

  • The first number relates to your Android version. The second will note the CPU architecture. The third number is for the DPI (dots per inch). If 0 is your first number, then the Android version you have is 4.4.4 or older. If it’s a 2, you’ve got Android 5.0. If it’s a 4, you have 6.0. If it’s a 7, you have Android 5.0 and with 8, you’ve got Android TV.
  • The CPU architecture is as follows: 1 is armeabi, 3 is armeabi-v7a, 4 is armeabi-v8a and 7 is x86.
  • The DPI numbers range from 0 is universal, 2 is 160dpi, 4 is 240dpi, 6 is 320dpi, and 8 is 480dpi.

Make sure you follow the codes to ensure you download the right APK Google Play Services file for your particular Android device.

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