The Guide to Downloading Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android


As they say, the sky’s the limit in building anything you dream of in the world of Minecraft. And its Pocket Edition is no different, promising the same level of fun and excitement for mobile users including those with Android devices.

But what’s so special about Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android users? What can loyal dreamers and builders expect from this latest Android update?

Downloading Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android Devices

The latest update on Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android is here. Minecraft: PE initially started as the mobile version of Minecraft. It was later on used as a platform to launch other non-mobile editions.

Although Mojang – creator of Minecraft – has then collectively referred to all Minecraft editions, PE included, as Minecraft, the name Minecraft: Pocket Edition is still widely adopted and referred to as Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Latest APK

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK is available for download via Google Play. Launched fairly recently, the APK has racked up 1.6 million downloads up to this point.

The most recently updated app for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has the following features and requirements:

  • Provides access to anything and everything Minecraft – textures, skins and worlds.
  • Enables you to play alone or with users from around the world.
  • Requires Android 4.2 and higher. You can check with your phone’s settings to find out your device’s OS version or look up its release date on Google. FYI, the most recent is Android 8.1 Oreo that was launched in December 2017.

For those with Android 2.3, don’t worry. You can still download APK version This APK is part of the Better Together update of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It gives access to Minecraft’s servers and enables users to experience playing the video game across compatible mobile devices and/or Windows 10.

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