League of Legends is one of the most played games today, available for Windows operated computers and Mac. Gamers find it addicting to play League of Legends for several different reasons. But the best selling point of this game is that it is free to play.

But what if one day you are unable to open League of Legends on your Mac? Although it is said that this is a common scenario, it still feels frustrating not being able to play your favorite game. Besides, there are different possible reasons why League of Legends is not launching on your Mac.

What you are experiencing may be an issue with the Internet connection, game’s server, or your Mac computer. Try these suggested workaround so you can go on with your League of Legends match.

Possible error and workaround #1

First things first, check your Internet connection; LOL will not launch if your connection is intermittent or unstable.  Do not forget to restart your Mac computer once Internet connection is fixed.

Possible error and workaround #2

If League of Legends still won’t launch even if the Internet connection is confirmed working, another possible solution is running the game on RiotMacContainer.  Simply follow these steps below:

Go to Finder and then Select. Hover your mouse to League of Legends and right click your mouse and then select the “Show package contents” option.

Then, click on MacOS and then click RiotMacContainer.

Lastly, close the game.  Once done, re-launch League of Legends and see if this works.

Possible error and workaround #3

There are some instances when the firewall takes a bit longer to get the message that League of Legends is a trusted program or firewall has strict settings. Try the steps below to see if it works:

Update your Mac’s antivirus software. Make sure that your firewall is updated as well.

Or you can temporarily disable your firewall and launch League of Legends. If LOL will launch, then re-enable the firewall. But if still won’t work, your firewall is not the issue.

Possible error and workaround #4

Another possible reason why League of Legends won’t open on your Mac computer is due to your DNS settings. The workaround for this is:

  • Go to “Control Panel” and select “Network and Internet”
  • Select “Network and Sharing Center” and then  click “Change Adapter Settings”
  • Right click “network adapter in use” and then select “Properties”
  • Click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then “Properties” again
  • Tick the “Use the following DNS server addresses” box. But do not forget to take note of your current address as you might need this when you need to change back to this address.
  • Input “” in the “Preferred DNS server” box and “” in the “Alternate DNS server” box. And then click “OK”.
  • Go to the Windows start menu and Go to “All Programs” then “Accessories”.
  • Right click Command Prompt and click Run As Administrator.
  • Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and then hit the “Enter” key from your keyboard.
  • Lastly, restart your PC and then launch League of Legends.

Possible error and workaround #5

The last method that might resolve the error is by removing the game’s lockfile. To do this:

Go to “Finder” then “Applications” and “League of Legends”.

Right click the LOL folder and find “lock file”.

Remove lock file and re-launch League of Legends.

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