Fans of the mobile game Minecraft: Pocket Edition have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the release of a new version. April cannot get here fast enough for the users.

In the latest version, there are plenty of new thrills to enjoy. The latest update is version and is considered the Better Together update. There have been a few aspects of the previous version released in the beloved app, but it was fans that noticed the minor updates. With the latest version, there have been some significant changes made – something users should be aware of before updating the game.

What are some of these features?

  • You can go to Settings and look at the different menu screen transitions.
  • There’s the potential for infinite kind of blocks that are been coined “palleted chunks.” Basically, this means the game is less likely to craw due to a memory shortage.
  • If using a controller, you can use the adjusted vertical look acceleration.
  • You can now toggle the PvP Friendly Fire from World Options.

The latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition version also addresses several bugs:

  • Crashes when worlds are converted from Xbox One edition
  • Crashes due to rendering problems on Android devices
  • Crashes that occurred when firing projectiles

If you want to play the popular app, be sure to get the latest version installed to steer clear of the bugs and enjoy the game with its many enhancements.

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