Fans have been anticipating Fallout 5’s release date for quite some time now. Ever since Bethesda Game Studios announced that the upcoming installment of their hit video game is in the works, everyone only wishes for the release to come sooner. Back in 2015, the popular game’s fourth installment was released towards the end of 2015. This time, fans are now itching for more.

On Rumors and Speculations

Rumors and speculations have been in discussion among blogs, websites, or forums but it seems like Bethesda likes to keep the suspense brewing. With that in mind, it’s now a question that begs to be answered. When is Fallout 5’s release date?

Among most speculations, they’re all betting that the developers break their silence about the matter this year because fans are ready for a new and better Fallout experience. While some would say that it may be on 2020, fans are extremely hopeful for an earlier release than what’s usually predicted. That’s how much they want it to become a reality.

Fans are also sharing their predictions about the gameplay itself. If anything, they’re all speculating of a big boot from the current Fallout 4. Some of the rumors say that the next Fallout installment may be set in New Orleans or that it may have a good possibly be tied to the equally well-loved RPG game, The Elder Scrolls.

What Fans Expect in Fallout 5?

Along with these rumors that are just begging to be true, fans are also raving about their expectations on the upcoming Fallout series. For one, they’re hoping that Bethesda will finally give their plans about the game’s VR integration, confirm whether or not they are going to make Fallout Online, and also finally establish the importance of mods in the entire gameplay.

There are still quite a lot of rumors, speculations, and expectations that abound while fans wait for the announcement of Fallout 5’s release date. However, among the hype and noise that the game’s upcoming installment seems to be making, there’s one thing that resounds the most: they want it as soon as possible.

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