You may have heard of the Clash Royale Gold Rush – an update that was announced back in October 2017 that developers had hinted would have daily questions along with new game modes.  With the new update, players are provided opportunities to earn more gold.

Players have demanded that Clash Royale offer its players more gold, and the developer listened. Due to the complaints that earning gold and improvements was difficult, Supercells came up with the Gold Rush feature to address them.

Supercell used the opportunity to let players know how appreciative it was to them. Besides earning cash in each battle you win, players can also earn gold. You can do this in the 1v1 multiplayer battle, where you are given three towers. Each time a person gets the three-crown win, the player wins even larger bonuses.

How Do You Attain Bonuses In Every Victory?

  • 1 tower equates to 100 gold.
  • 2 towers equates to 200 gold.
  • 3 towers mean you get 300 gold.

This means you get a total of 600 gold for the battle.

The in-game shop has three new special offers for players to consider. Spend your Gems to buy the exclusive boosts or boost your limit in the Gold Rush.

Players can spend 300 Gems to boost their Gold reward for every battle by 300. They can also double their cards or gold when opening up the Crown chests. Clash Royale gives players the best offers it can during the game’s Gold Rush event.

Clash Royale Creates Gold Rush Update; Popularity Increases

Supercell’s Clash Royale has been a bit hit among gamers. Although it’s a simple idea, the many improvements and updates have led to its immense popularity.

How Can You Easily Earn Gold?

If you want to gain gold in an easy manner, the game is currently holding a huge gold rush. There have been numerous complaints from players that it’s difficult to attain gold. However, Supercell’s October update eliminated this problem. The developer added near game modes and quests, making it easier for players to score gold. The Gold Rush has played an integral in this addition.

You can earn an additional 5,000 extra gold pieces on a daily basis – up to 35,000 a week. If you want more gold, you’ll need to visit the shop and buy the special offer – in essence, an in-app purchase.

Understanding The Gold Rush Premise

You may be under the impression that the Gold Rush will just give you gold for logging in. That’s not the way it works. You need to work for it. You do get more gold than the typical amount. Each time you place the 1v1 multiplayer battle and take out the towers of your opponent, you’ll get a gold bonus. With every tower you knock down, the bonus increases. If you manage to knock out three towers, the bonus gets even larger.

Tower Bonus 600 Gold Total

  • 1 tower – 100 Gold
  • 2 towers – 200 Gold
  • 3 towers – 300 Gold
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