A number of changes and new features were acknowledged in the month of October 2017 in Clash Royale. One of the most notable changes in the history of the game is the Touchdown Mode. Arguably, this has completely changed the user experience to the game. Thus, here are tips to help users dominate the Touchdown Mode.

Always Keep Building Cards

It is important to use building cards in order to survive units not targeting other units. This is when you have no castle or towers. Despite the fact that you can surround units with many small creatures, that might not be the most effective option to make them stop. So, it is important to keep a tower at hand to make last minute redemption.

Keep A Balanced Deck

Drafting your composition in the selection of cards to be done before the game starts can be challenging. So, it is basic to select the best cards for this mode. This should be something different from your previous game modes. It can help if you don’t fill up your deck with costly cards, which could sometimes lead you to omit the use of towers or buildings.

Hog Riders Are Powerful

The Touchdown Mode may need something that should be of value and Hog Riders are worth the addition. You may have noticed that they have made their way through the final version. This makes them one of the most powerful cards in this new mode. Although they may have difficulties when it comes to buildings or other units, but they should be almost unstoppable when doing counterattacks.

Units Sprouting Other Units

Take note of cards such as the Lava Hound, Battle Ram, or the Golem because they can be effective in winning games. You can consider the high HP that they have, which should be a good reason to fear them. One of their greatest strengths is their power to transform into other units in an instance. This should be very dangerous when they are near the victory line and explode, which should probably let a single unit onto the opposite side of the line.

Consider Using Spells

The use of Spells has been noted to be very useful in winning matches when used at the right time. This should even be more powerful when used in Touchdown Mode. Launching a Spell in time can definitely let you win points. When Spells are put close to the victory line, there should be reason to celebrate or fear. Among the most devastating Spells are the Lightning and Ice Spells. This is because they can easily eliminate units or buildings if put at the right place and time.

Speeding Up Units

Boosting the capacity of your troops can be very useful in the Touchdown Mode. You can just imagine a running back position in the game of football for that matter. This time, the Lumberjack and elite Barbarians can have that important role in Clash Royale. Moreover, 2 princes and a Battle Ram can also be charged in order to make a grand victory.

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