WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular online messaging apps, with regular updates for bugs and new features. Although that’s the case and even though it’s been trying, the developer hasn’t been able to foolproof its app from various threats.

WhatsApp has its fair share of scammers that are looking for various ways in which to trick users into sharing their personal and financial information. The problem for that WhatsApp community is the creativity and tricks these scammers have up their sleeves.

The Scam Being Pulled On WhatsApp Users

The latest WhatsApp scam is the one that involves a $0.99 monthly subscription fee. It appears as if the message is legit, and it comes in the form of what looks like an official user dubbed @WhatsApp. This makes it harder for any WhatsApp users to trust any received message.

According to the @WhatsApp account, users are told their subscription has expired and that they need to purchase a lifetime subscription for $0.99 that will also verify the account. A link is provided for users to start the buying process.

WhatsApp users are advised not to click on any link from an unknown source, and to verify any message they get before going through a purchase. This is especially true if it comes from the user @WhatsApp.

What Is WhatsApp Saying About The Problem

According to WhatsApp, the developer does not charge users a subscription fee and knows of the problem. The developer is urgently telling people not to click the link or any link from an unsolicited message similar to the one going around currently from @WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Announces New “Restricted Groups” Feature In 2.17.430 Version

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has released a new Android version – 2.17.430. Although in Beta, it’s been developed for the Google Play channel and comes with an array of fixes and new features. One new feature is “Restricted Groups.”

WhatsApp Restricted Groups Feature

The feature lets just group administrators shut off the chat for any non-administrators of the group. Should administrators go this route for a non-admin group member, the person can still carry out several operations such as read messages, send messages to group admin and mute the group.

When the non-admin member sends the administrator a message, the app notes it being a reply from the group. A group can be restricted once every 72 hours.

This feature was first seen in the iOS beta version but is now for Android users to use as well.

Latest iOS Version Released

It wasn’t too long ago that WhatsApp released its iOS version, which gives users the ability to watch YouTube videos in the app. It also allows users to navigate through chats while watching that video.

It’s now easier to record longer messages by swiping up to lock recording without the need to hold their button on the button. The developer is looking to add an array of new features in later updates such as one where users can switch from video to voice quicker. Another possible feature is muting a video.

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