Clash Royale is one of the best games to have been derived from another game that made the top charts as one of the most downloaded games in the mobile world, the Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale has been on the top charts ever since it got out of the market and they have stayed ahead of most by having constant updates and improvements that help improve the gaming experience of the players.

Just awhile back one upcoming updates were leaked which included the Night Witch, Bats, and the Heal card. Luckily despite the leak Clash Royale decided to push through with the new cards. However, just recently in October of 2017, another leak came out which was released by Opegit Studios a company that is based on Russia.

The Four Leaked Cards

The Hunter, which a watermarked image resembles that of an archer. The second one is the Barbarian Barrel, which is easy to imagine even without an image. (Just picture a Barbarian inside a barrel.) The third one is the Ghost or the Ghost king and the fourth is some sort of a wizard. The fourth card is the most ambiguous since they have not found any gameplay about it yet.

Frequent Balancing Updates

This is one of the reasons why the Clash Royale is an interesting game for its players. The game is almost balanced to perfection meaning that the game developers are working hard to make sure that the gameplay is not compromised by having one side or card considerably more stronger. The uncertainty brings in the excitement factor in the game and will keep players interested.

The latest balance update was released last October 9, 2017. The update focused more on Sparky, Tesla, Electro Wizard, and other factors that would not seem make the gameplay of Clash Royale fair.

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