There are plenty of reasons why you should download a free media player for your computer. Among them are the compatibility issues that may affect your listening or viewing pleasure when playing various multimedia formats on your computer. Here are top free media players you can download and install.

VLC Media Player

This is the most famous media player, which ranks on top of other software that you can get for free. It basically has an all-in-one solution that you can use with advanced options and settings. Likewise, even if you are not fond of tinkering settings to come up with great results, this software simply works right after installation.

Windows Media Player Classic

If you think this one has already disappeared since its release in 2003, in contrast, the Media Player Classic now has a couple of variants to cater to the needs of daily users. They are the Home Cinema and the Black Edition variants. The Home Cinema is the best choice for daily users, as it has remained as lightweight as possible. The Black Edition even has more features, enhancements, and improvements, compared with the Home Cinema.But, it is not that easy to use. Overall, Home Cinema is more preferable than the Black Edition.


Another media player you can use for free is the PotPlayer. It is commonly used in South Korea, which should be a strong alternative to popular media players out there. It may not be as excellent as other paid media players, but you can surely get more considering it is offered for free.

PotPlayer is comparable with VLC, which also has an all-in-one solution for those who want to install and make it work right there and then. However, PotPlayer is even better than VLC when dealing with huge files or some 4K resolution videos. It also offers amazing results if you are going to watch Blu-ray video formats.

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