If you are an event organizer or someone who is in charge of organizing gatherings, dinners, seminars, and the like then you may already know that platforms like Facebook are able to give you a decent way to let everyone know about your upcoming event. However, it is in no way the best possible path to take when trying to reel in a more serious crowd. Besides, not all people use social media anymore or at least the demographics have been seriously divided with all the choices available today.

There are tons of more professional events registration software out in the market that you can purchase and lease. These types of software are more appropriate for bigger events, especially serious events or seminars where people attending will be required to pay certain fees. If you are just starting out as an event organizer or you are looking to cut back on costs, then you will be glad to know that there are open source and free Event registration software that you can peruse and yet still gives you that professional outlook.

These are just some of the free / freemium and open source software for event registration you must check out.

  1. Send out invites using Anyvite

If you are only using Anyvite just to use it as an event registration platform then you won’t have to pay anything. You can send event invites via email or via a post on your website. You have the ability to respond to guest as well as setup a registration widget on your website.

They have a paid premium offer for custom domains and site analytics. You also have to pay if your event accepts payment through them. Anyvite will cost you $0.99 on top of a standard 2.5 % per ticket.

  1. Open Conference Systems

This is an open source software that is usually used in association with scholarly seminars. It is popular fo these types of events because it comes with a functionality that allows a post-conference online discussion thread to be integrated for use after the actual conference. The system is used to create the platform for a conference online where you will be able to register participants and have them send papers through the website.

  1. Attendize

This is a perfect open source software to today’s mobile first world. The platform is mobile friendly which means that you will be able to setup an event page, setup an event registration section, record registrations, and make tickets for the event. You will also be able to generate attendee statistics using this platform which is a neat feature if you want to gather and understand more about your attendees.

Select the right events registration software

The amount of free and freemium software available out there that might be perfect for your Event can be a little daunting and confusing. To make it simple just remember that there are only five important aspects that you must take into account: Registration feature, ticketing function, payments feature, website setup function, and email or attendee contact function.

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