At its core, WeChat is an app that’s been specially designed to provide users with the necessary tools to get in touch with their family members and friends. WeChat is equipped with cool features such as sms/mms, video and voice calls, photo sharing and many more. These features are the reason why WeChat is known as WhatsApp’s biggest competitor. Nonetheless, WeChat has been recently updated and it received a brand-new feature!

WeChat 6.5.22 APK Update

First off, we need to mention that this new update is quite major and that its big in size. Therefore, WeChat users who are interested in downloading the latest update should make sure that they have at least 54.38MB of free storage space on their smartphones.

Operating System Support

Furthermore, the update’s changelog states that it has been developed for Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating systems. Although, this doesn’t mean that the update is not compatible with older smartphones as well since it can also be installed on devices that run on a minimum of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Video Editing Tool

Even though WeChat fits in the online messaging apps category, WeChat also excels when it comes to sharing files. The app is a great platform for people who love to share their favorite pictures and videos because its highly optimized software makes it so that neither photos nor videos lose any resolution quality while being sent.

However, things get even better for people who love to share their favorite content with their friends because this new update introduces a cool video editing tool. This tool allows WeChat users to edit any video they want before sending it to their friends. Regarding this new video editing feature, the update’s changelog states that WeChat users are going to be able to cut videos, add filters and to even highlight their favorite scenes

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