Take note that plugins may utilize a certain amount of RAM when playing Minecraft. So, if you install more plugins, the players that your server will be able to handle without noticeable lag will become less. Therefore, you have to upgrade your server if you think that it is using its RAM.

Some plugins may not work on all servers, so you need to choose one that would perform as you intend it to. Here are some of the plugins that you might want to choose for your server.

  • GroupManager (Permissions) – formerly a plugin known as Permissions would allow you to gain ranks.
  • PermissionsEx (Permissions) – this is the updated Permissions plugin that would allow the creation of ranks and would set up permissions on your server. You can only have one permissions plugin, so you need to install only one of them.
  • Essentials (Miscellaneous Server Functionality) – this plugin contains tons of functionality and commands, including spawn, homes, warps, tp’ing, mob spawning, banning/kicking, and colored signs, among others.
  • EssentialsX (Miscellaneous Server Functionality) – known as the Essentials plugin, which has been updated for servers 1.8 or newer.
  • WorldEdit (World Manipulation) – this is a world editor that is easy to use for each server. When you are not using it, it would have an impact to your server.
  • WorldGuard (World Protection) – this is a plugin that is powerful, which provides all little things, as well as protecting servers from different problems. It would require WorldEdit to work, but WorldGuard is restricted to trusted admins only.
  • Vault (Common Dependency) – this is a chat, permissions, and economy API, which gives plugins easy hooks without relying on each plugin themselves.

Basically, choosing Minecraft plugins for beginners should be a tough job. The list presented here should be able to help you find a suitable plugin for your needs.

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