Samsung has been testing the Android 8.0 operating system for a while now and beta versions have been available. A week prior to the official release, those who cannot wait anymore can try a leaked version of the newest Android OS for their Galaxy S8.

January 15th the official ending day for beta test

The South Korean tech company announced that the last day of beta testing is the 15th of January 2018 and the official version will be released afterwards.

However, last weekend a leaked version of the Oreo OS for the Galaxy S8 appeared on Reddit. Most of those who tried it said that the Android version works pretty smoothly.

How to install the 8.0 Android software

This software works on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones from the US and China, because they use Snapdragon processors. The other version using Exynos chip will not run this software.

The first indication is to backup all important pictures and documents from your S8 device. Then, make sure the device is running on last year’s Android Nougat OS (BQL1).

Go to Reddit and download the file, save it as a ZIP file on your microSD card and rename it using a long press.

The following step is to turn off your device and reboot it into recovery mode (hold down the Bixby button, the volume up and the power button, all at the same time). When the screen turns blue and the Android mascot appears, following an exclamation point, you are ready to let go of the buttons.

Press volume keys and find the “Apple update from SD card”/ Find the Android Oreo file saved and use the same buttons to select it. After the reboot process begins, the new software will start running. Goodluck!

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