Apple will soon release their iOS 11.2 and they’re bringing in an amazing feature: the 7.5W fast wireless charging will be enabled for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Right now, these smartphones have the 5W wireless charging support with the iOS 11.1.1. But the next version of iOS 11 will come in December, as it is already in beta testing.

All these iPhones can be charged at up to 15 watts (Qi v1.2 specification), but the iOS platform doesn’t support this rate of charging. When it was launched in September, it only supported 5W, and only a few chargers support 7.5W wireless charging.

There are a lot of chargers on the market that offer wireless charging, and that will have to upgrade their capabilities with the new iOS 11 if they still want to keep up with the advance in technology.

AirPower Will Be Released Next Year – Apple’s Great Device for Wireless Charging

But Apple is also working on creating their own charging pad, called AirPower. We will see it next year, and it will certainly be a sight to remember, allowing users to charge three devices at the same time (even the Apple Watch Series 3 or AirPods as the sit in their own charging cases).

While wireless charging has been out there on other Android devices for five years, Apple chose to stay away from this feature so that they can still have thin smartphones. Apparently, they’ve changed their minds and came up with a slow version of wireless charging, probably due high costs for safety measures.

The chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium, Menno Treffers stated that a manufacturer must consider all the factors when they start building what the customer wants. They must fulfill the needs of the customers, but also stay within a certain cost, while also delivering a good quality product. So, increasing the power level might have also increased the cost of production.

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