Adobe has announced a few months ago it has plans to terminate Flash Player by the end of 2020 and many giants of the tech industry, such as Facebook, Mozilla and Google, have saluted the idea. Even so, Adobe Flash Player will continue to receive updates and security patches. Those who need an update, but are unsure how to download and install it can find some instructions in this article.

What you need to know about the November Security patch

The latest 2017 November security patch for Adobe Flash Player has been released on Tuesday. The new update has many security fixes and updates, especially for Adobe and Microsoft software. This will fix critical vulnerabilities which could have exposed users to viruses and malware attacks. If unpatched, your computer is at risk.

  • Microsoft updates: Adobe’s newest patch for Flash Player has 50 bug fixes for various Windows versions and for its Office software. Those using a Windows PC will most likely get these updates automatically, if not Adobe will request permission for them.
  • Adobe Updates: most Adobe software received updates on Tuesday: Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop, Adobe Reader and Shockwave (nine in total).

How to download and install the November patch

Those who are not sure they have the newest update can follow these steps:

  • Is Flash Player installed? Not all browsers have Flash Player installed by default and to verify, head to Adobe’s Help Center and click on the option: Check Now”.
  • Download and Install the update: the latest update can be found on the official Adobe website. Click on the “Download Now” option and the download will start automatically. When finished a message will appear to begin installing the November update.

It is always recommended to update all PC software.

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