Switching from a PC or Mac to an iPad is up to every user. In the future, there is expected to replace an actual PC due to the practicability of an iPad when traveling for example. Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief did a survey to see how much each of the devices is used. Of course, the iPad scored higher than the rest because people can take it everywhere.

It creates a difference

While a PC or a Mac can execute a better solution in a more experimental domain, to the iPad is allocated easier jobs as watching a TV show or reading. Depending on the tasks, there is a usage for each of these. Schiller spoke about not telling the customers which decision to make on the devices because they are already making a discrepancy between the two and sometimes one is swapping the other one habitually.

What’s a computer

Things got confusing for Schiller too. On several times even him named the iPad a computer contrasting with the company’s ad for the tablet. The girl from the ad carries all day the tablet using it for communication, editing, chatting and so on when by the time she was typing her mother asks what she’s doing on the computer. The answer made the difference and the purpose of the iPad: What’s a computer? That is why Schiller got things tangled while referring to a tablet like that.  The ad even shows Apple’s main focus on the tablet, and Schiller admitted he loves “that so much is created on Mac.”

This upcoming week, Apple prepares for the launch of a dominant iMac Pro from a starting price of $4,999 in the US. This product is meant to work for professional users with a high workflow and there is never been something like this before.

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