The audio call and video call arena is the current battle ground for several VOIP messaging apps right now. This fierce competition on which of the various call and messaging apps will take the top spot has led to a tech-arms race which are beneficial to the general population.

In order to actually determine which is better among the two brands you need to look at a few criterion that may or may not be of interest to you personally. However, in general, you may have noticed that the messaging apps your friends are using may differ from person to person. You may even have friends who prefer using Viber another great messaging app or Messenger which is Facebook’s official messaging app.

So, to truly determine which between the two messaging Apps, Whatsapp or Skype is better for your personal use, you need to look at your own reasons and factors like which brand and type of device you are using.

A. Call and Video quality

A few years back, doing a video call might be a tad too expensive and is rarely done. Due to leaps of advancement in Internet technologies, many impossible or expensive services have now become cheap and sometimes even free. The tech was limiting in a lot of ways, let alone making high-bandwidth data mobile video calls.


Maybe it has to do with the mileage of Skype being in the market since before smart phones were a thing, their voice and video call service is one of the best the market has to offer. The audio quality of their calls is exceptional and rarely ever fails as long as the Internet signal is good. You can even still make calls despite poor Internet connections albeit the quality will not be as good. The reason why Skype seems so good for voice and video calls is because they developed their own codec for call encoding which they have been continually improving over the last decade.


Despite its popularity spreading like a huge wildfire not too long ago, WhatsApp’s voice and video call service although good enough has yet to rival in quality with its older counterpart. At the first half of 2017, users have been reporting drop calls and annoying echoes. Although this may be due to poor Internet signal it is undeniable that WhasApp has still some catching up to do when it comes to call quality

B. Impact on Battery Life

When talking about battery life, you will also need to take into account the Brand of your mobile device as well as the model. Because the type of battery used is also a great factor when looking at the battery life of your device.

Skype and WhatsApp

There have been reports that recent Skype updates have been responsible for fast battery drains. This has been reported over various review sites from Skype users all around the world. An alternative would be to use Skype lite which is a barebones version of Skype that works well with 2G networks and consumes less power.

WhatsApp is also among the list of Apps that require much from the battery as compiled by Avast the security company. One way to remedy this is to turn some of WhatsApp’s features off.

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