Nintendo Switch is awesome and there are many fans who love it. Your time with Nintendo Switch it’s an endless set of new discoveries, it even took Sony’s place in 2017 by becoming better since the Super Nintendo console.

For a Nintendo Switch, you can now pay around $299 for a retail price. The package includes the console itself, the console deck, two joy-cons, one-joy con dock for a larger controller, some motion control straps, and many cables. At some point, the price for a Nintendo started to take another shape. It became more on the expensive side and it happened before the console’s stellar software creation.

Most people thought the best title for the Nintendo’s console is 1-2 Switch and it brought some fame for including one free game.

Nintendo’s high price impasse

Given these good points, Nintendo started to disappoint since it started charging $49.99 for 1-2 Switch. The game itself is nothing new since it looks pretty much the same with the older version and the cost for the other games is kind of expensive too. The company never drops the price and whenever you want to play their new games you have to pay for them about $300. A Nintendo game manufactory costs much more than it does for the other consoles.

The internal storage has only 25GB and physical games take up almost none of this storage but if it’s for larger digital games like L.A. Noire, the Nintendo Switch won’t be able to hold it. The only solution is to buy a 128 GB SD card for the additional storage if you want to play the latest game. Even this card will start to fill up as many users protested.

Extra controllers

The included joy-cons practically can’t be used to a single joy-con for one game and you are going to spend extra $80 for an official Switch controller or less for a third party device. Nintendo Switch is famous because of the versatility of the controllers. Its price is not worthy until the end, since you have to pay $20 more for the online service if you want to play it online. Having a Nintendo it’s really costly.

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