Lots of beta updates for WhatsApp await you, which include versions 2.17.397 and 2.17.399. If you are not familiar with these updates yet, then perhaps it is time to try them.

A set of missing emojis has been added on the table for version 2.17.397, which you can use when sending messages to your contacts. Previously, you can only receive these special emojis, but can’t send them on your messages. With this new update, users can now use them when sending messages.

In version 2.17.399, on the other hand, a new feature has captured the attention of WhatsApp users. This is the ability to delete messages after sending them to the recipient. Thus, you are required to update your version of WhatsApp via APK beta update.

However, not everyone will be able to get this feature, as it will be made available via the service side. The progress might take some time to accommodate everyone. This recent update has been dubbed “Delete for Everyone”, which might come in handy when you are in a tight situation.

Additionally, not only the sender can delete the said message, but also the recipient. Simply press the message in question and a menu will be revealed in which you can select the trash option. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion for yourself only, for everyone, or to cancel the option to delete.

If you choose the “Delete for Everyone” option, then the message that you have sent will be deleted on both ends. This also works if you have sent the message via group chat. However, it will print a message confirming that it was indeed deleted in place for the message you have just removed.

Take note that this will be valid only within 7 minutes from the time it was sent to the recipient. Likewise, it is important to note that when the recipient has already read the message in WhatsApp, then the option to delete will no longer help you.

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