This article will tell you everything there is to know so far about Niantic’s 2017 Christmas event for Pokémon Go. The 2016 Christmassy Pikachu included free incubators and hatch rates. This year, the event will be launched together with new Gen 3 Pokémon, such as Delibird.

It’s a Pokémon Christmas

The festivities started a day ago and the event began with some temporary changes made for the holidays.

The Christmas 2017 Pokémon Go event will include

  • Special Pokémon will appear more frequently and 20 new types will be added: Ice-type Pokémon and Water-type Pokémon from Ruby and Sapphire
  • Santa hat Pikachu is back this year as well
  • A Legendary will be released: it might be the Legendary Water-type Kyogre
  • Free goodies
  • A Free incubator for those who visit a PokeStop daily between the 22 and 25th of December

When is Delibird arriving?

Everyone has been wondering when Delibrid will be released and dataminers believe it might take a while. The good news is that moves connected to Delibird have been discovered in the source code. It seems that Delibird has a movement “Present” that has proven to be quite complicated. The move is said to either heal or attack the opponent randomly and for now it is difficult to try and understand how this will work.

Stantler’s appearance also remains unclear for now. Many trainers believe the Pokémon will star in this game.

Niantic will not alter weather conditions

Niantic has revealed that there will be no in-game modification of weather. This means that it all depends on whether it will snow or not outside. Regardless, Ice-type Pokémon will be present for the X-mas event.

So far, new invites have been send for EX Raids and it seems that the event will be exciting.

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