There is no doubt that Chrome OS will continue to expand on the ever-growing market, and Qualcomm jumps to surprise us. In the news, Qualcomm is said to be developing a Snapdragon Chromebook.

While we were still waiting for AMD devices for a Chrome OS device, getting Qualcomm was a bit of a bad news at the beginning, but there’s more to it.

Qualcomm Chromebook Sounds Promising

We said that a Chrome OS device powered by Qualcomm is bad news because most of these chipsets get updated for no more than two years, as other chipsets are supposed to get 5-6 years of updates for the Chrome OS devices.

But the good news is that Qualcomm is working on changing this issue, making it better. In the Chromium repository, we saw that there are two new commits: support for the Snapdragon 845 processor, which will be launched in the future and a new device that is developed at the moment.

What is Cheza?

cheza / qc845: Add initial files – This has been a reference that suggests that the devices that are going to be built with this chipset will use this board when it pulls initial configuration files.

The name Cheza comes from the character of the Anime Series ‘Wolf’s Rain’ (2003)

Commit #1

We are the witnesses of a Snapdragon Chromebook which is currently a work in progress. It will have the latest Octacore Qualcomm chipset, built especially for premium smartphones.

So far, details about long-term support and battery consumption will be adjusted as the work progresses. We might see the battery and the new Snapdragon chips in the future Chrome OS tablet.

Qualcomm hasn’t made any official comments on the two commits, so it might not actually mean that they’re working on a Snapdragon-powered Chromebook, but it’s a strong hint we should take.

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