If you love action RPGs than it’s no doubt that you love Skyrim to its very core and played it on at least one device, be it PC, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, or Xbox One. We’ve seen ever since Skyrim was launched a lot of remasters on these platforms and now Skyrim appears to have reached its final form: a Virtual Reality adaption.

Although we know the maps inch by inch and have roamed them hundreds of times on tens of characters from the beginning to its very end, we have been impressed with the VR revival.

Skyrim VR is Breathtaking!

On the same day as it was released on Nintendo Switch, the VR version of Skyrim is a lot more interesting. Of course, being able to have Skyrim on the go with you on Switch isn’t bad either!

Skyrim VR allows you to step inside the world you’ve been playing so far, and Skyrim promises a lot in VR since it really makes you feel like you’re exploring the world and its boundaries.

Once you start playing in VR, you forget the real world and your head will actually spin from so much movement. After you adjust to the open world feeling of the game, you start jumping, slashing and sprinting in missions, while easily controlling every move with the controllers.

You can either try DualShock 4 controller or the ones from PlayStation Move. There are a lot of gaming improvements in VR: for example, you can shoot with a bow better than in the standard version of the game. To interact with objects, corpses and other things, you must physically look at them, so these details add to the immersive feeling. With only a few hours at our disposal to try Skyrim in VR, we can definitely agree that Skyrim has been revived and we’re eager to play it to the end for several times in a row!

We know what we want for our PS VR this holiday season!

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