If you have not been a beta tester yet, you might have wondered how some people easily have a preview of the upcoming version of an app. The same thing happens if you see the latest version of WhatsApp, which is still in beta format.

The beta version of WhatsApp is 2.18.74, which brings along at least 6 new features for the avid users. However, you can get this version if you join as an official beta user from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, you can use the APK mirror to download the most recent version of the app.

Part of the new features released by WhatsApp is the launcher icon that has been located in varied shaped frames. It includes a guitar-pick shape, rounded square, circle, and square, among others. Nevertheless, it still uses the same icon with regards to design.

Three new sticker packs were also added to the new version. These include , Cuppy, Salty, and Bibibmap Friends. You need to take note that the Stickers Store has officially been made unavailable to WhatsApp users. However, the beta version of WhatsApp may not have the translations in which the app doesn’t enable any feature without its translation.

Additionally, a new feature has been added to the beta version, allowing users to view and download data that has been collected by the app. This was done with version 2.18.50 beta release. This indicates that users can download a copy of the info which was collected on them by WhatsApp.

With this WhatsApp beta version, it aims to strengthen the data protection among European citizens. However, it might have a positive effect on the protection of user rights in other countries. This is because companies would possibly make changes in accordance with the market regulations in Europe.

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