It didn’t last for long but, on the 14th WhatsApp deleted a new feature for the Windows Phone beta. The messaging app included 2.17.342.0 updated version and allowed individuals from a group chat to reply to a member of the group separately, in a private message. The way in which you were alerted to this new message, was through an automatically opened one from the sender.

Although this is not working on Androids and or iOS apps, this feature has been already added to the Windows 10 web version of WhatsApp.

Update on 2.17.344 version

This is not all! Another day comes with new challenges. The same thing goes for WhatsApp’s actions. The version 2.17.344 suffered some adjustments and the ability to send private messages to someone participating in a group chat was removed. While you are in a voice call, you can tap on a new “video” icon that will allow the other user to see it without interrupting the call. The video request can be accepted or rejected in order to start or to decline a video call.

Being an admin

If you run as an admin, from now on you are way more important since you can administrate for the improvement of the group chat. You can now change the topic and icon, block messages and disable chat, action allowed with the new change made for Advanced Group Settings.

To make sure you have the newest version of WhatsApp, don’t forget to clear your browser’s cache. The original update on beta involved some extra Advanced Group Settings, a new design for calls and faster options to control voice calls to video calls and vice versa.

Since there is no other new information for the ones using Android and iOS, we hope that WhatsApp will bring surprises soon enough.

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