No, no ninja turtles, sorry. Although – it might be a bright idea if you’re asking us. You know, because they’re cool and they fight evil. Minecraft’s „exhausted” seas are going to get substantially more populated once the soon-to-appear Update Aquatic hits the market in 2018. How, you ask? The creators chose to enlighten us by talking about another water creature, namely the turtle.

Tell us more about them!

Turtles will make their homes on shorelines crosswise over different biomes, and their young little ones will hasten down to the water, as stated in the official portrayal of the game. The turtles’ surfaces will probably be transitory and might be changed before they come into effect. But we’re sure the final form will catch on users.

Are they good turtles or bad turtles?

That is essentially all news we have on the turtles for now. We’re excited and we’re thinking about whether we’ll get any utilization for turtle shells, in spite of the fact that we would rather not need to execute those adorable animals, mainly because they look lovey-dovey.

Are there any other creatures waiting for us, too?

We can hardly wait for this update and we really want to ultimately get caught in the sea’s population with a wide range of ocean animals. The land has definitely been extremely occupied, yet the oceans and the skies have been unfilled, something that actually made Minecraft’s maps less intriguing, don’t you think? We’ve all generally cherished building a submerged house, and now we’ll get a lot of fish and turtles swimming by our sight. What other water hordes would you like to see? Is it sirens? Is it Sponge Bob?

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