Motorola is known to deliver a lot of budget phones ever since we’ve seen the Moto G, but now there is a new competitor, Honor. These guys have come up with the Honor 7X that could dethrone the Moto G5 Plus. Both phones are about 200 USD, but which one is the best and how can we compare them? Let’s see all the details.

Design and Display

Let’s see how they look: both devices are different, of that we’re sure. The Honor 7X has a metal build and rounded sides and corners. The design is minimalist and feels premium. The Moto G5 Plus has a metallic back with some plastic chrome trim. It has a curvy design, making it comfortable to hold, but it doesn’t feel as elegant as its competitor.

The Honor 7X has a larger display: 6-inch screen with a 1080p and 18:9 screen, almost edge-to-edge. The resolution is not very sharp, but the tall display makes you think of those phones that go over $1000.

The Moto G5 Plus comes with a 5.2-inch screen and 1080p resolution, but has thicker bezels, making the phone a bit chunky, considering that both phones have similar body size.

Specs and Connectivity

Before checking out the specks, let’s look at what both phones come with in terms of connectivity. Both come with headphone jacks but without a USB Type C port.

Both phones can get purchased in either the 32 GB or the 64 GB internal storage, expandable via microSD. We also see a fingerprint sensor on different places: the Honor 7X has it on the back and the Moto G5 Plus on the front.

Looking at the specs, we see two different devices.

The Honor 7X has a Kirin 659 octa-core processor and 4 GB of RAM

The Moto G5 has a Snapdragon 625 and up to 3GB of RAM – the specs change for both devices, depending on the model (32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage).

The chips on these phones are not impressive. On paper, Kirin 659 is better, but when put to tests like opening apps, moving around the UI and gaming, neither of them encountered issues.

Looking at the batteries, the Honor 7X has a larger one: 3340 mAh. The G5 Plus comes with a 3000 mAh battery. Both lab tests and live ones showed that the Honor 7X can last a day and a half and the Moto G5 Plus just a day in one charging. But Moto G5 Plus compensates it with the TurboCharge technology.


Honor 7X has a dual camera setup on the back: 16 MP and a 2 MP sensor for depth details, meaning you can take portrait photos. It also comes with the wide aperture mode if you want to take photos with more or less background blur.

The Moto G5 Plus goes traditional and has a single 12 MP camera, with less shooting modes and no portrait mode.

Neither smartphones can take great photos in low light, but the Honor 7X has an edge over its competitor, as it focuses better in low light.


Both smartphones come with Android Nougat for now, but they are different, as Honor has the EMUI 5.1 Android skin. The EMUI skin makes you feel like you’re on an iOS, while the Moto G5 Plus has a stock Android.

If you were to choose a phone looking at the software, you’d have to know what you really want: customizations and a ton of features – Honor 7X or a cleaner interface – Moto G5 Plus?

Which Smartphone Wins?

Both smartphones come with a lot of great features, considering the low prices (only $199 in USA), but the Moto G5 Plus is outdated. It has just one camera, a plastic trim and big bezels, and it sure loses against the Honor 7X premium look.

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