Gamers on the FIFA reddit are calling to boycott EA Sports’ Black Friday activity by not buying points or taking part in any promotions that are usually released every hour for 24 hours during the event.

The problem has something to do with the current Weekend League parameters that many call ‘too much’. The requirement is for a player to play 40 games over the weekend which many does not consider enjoyable for the player base as a whole.

Squeezing in around 12 hours each day for a couple of days is too much.

Gamers are calling members of the /r/FIFA community to support #fixFIFA on Twitter in order to make a statement.

The plan is to make a point and get EA to notice gamer woes and take action.

Because of the belief that the community is EA’s biggest revenue, boycotting Black Friday by leaving FIFA no points or earnings during the weekend would definitely hit the company where it hurts.

If the Battlefront 2 community can do it and succeed, so will the FIFA community.

Some of the things they want to be changed are:

  • To extend the weekend league so players can fulfill the 40-game requirement. There is nothing casual about a player completing all 40 games in one weekend. But things could be a lot better with 10 games for each day, which means the weekend league should run from Friday night to Monday night.
  • Make a few minor changes and revert FIFA 18 to launch state.
  • Improve rates of RNG packs to make sure that players get the best player in the game whether they spend small or big.
  • Improve gameplay that feels slow and no longer fun and competitive, what with defending being fully assisted and with goalkeepers saving almost every shot.
  • Fix the leveling in the EASFC catalog and make sure new players can level and buy coin boosts, celebrations, boots, and many others.
  • Fix penalties so that they are skill-based rather than completely random. Currently, players can shoot the penalty in a certain spot and it will go through the arms/legs of the goalkeepers.
  • Fix jersey numbers so they don’t change randomly despite what the player has chosen and set.
  • Fix input delay particularly under menu D-pad delay which forces gamers to use the thumbstick.

What makes these problems even worse is the fact that EA is aware of some of them but are not doing anything.

This is why the FIFA community, along with calling to boycott Black Friday, also asks that people tweet @EASPORTSFIFA using hashtag #FIXFIFA to get their message across and make an impact.

Gamers who are YouTubers are also called to join in the movement and help the community’s cause by making a video that talks about everything that is wrong with the current FIFA. It is believed that the more attention the problem gets, the better.

Gamers who want to participate in the boycott are also encouraged to sign a petition in entitled #FixFIFA.

One gamer even wrote to forget about boycotting FIFA points but to not play the game altogether during the Black Friday weekend.

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