A number of questions have been made by users regarding the dilemmas they’ve encountered when using Gmail. Here are some popular situations and how to easily resolve them.

Deleting Huge Amount of Messages

One of the most confusing situations is when you are planning to delete emails. This is because you need to know first which emails you wouldn’t want to keep and the ones that you do. Thus, it is best to back up your emails before finally deleting it from your inbox.

You need to forward your emails to your Microsoft Outlook account. However, you need to set it up first by going to Gmail Settings -> click Forward and POP/IMAP -> set it to “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” which will be forwarded to your new account, and then click “Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox”. Likewise, you need to tell Outlook.com to get all the emails from the Gmail account that you have, which could take some time.

You can also choose IMAP to download copies of the emails, while you keep the original copies on the Gmail server. On the other hand, you can use Google Takeout to be able to download Gmail in a Mbox format. You can view it though via Mbox Viewer. Upsafe can also be used as alternative, as well as MailStore Home 10, both for Windows computers only. Then, you can go back to your delete fest and clear everything from your Gmail inbox.

Blocking Emails

Among the most annoying things on the Internet, unsolicited emails ranks high for most people. This makes it hard to maintain a zero inbox policy if you are constantly bombarded with notification emails from banks, social media sites, and other annoying ads.

Good thing you can now block emails, by simply navigating to google.com/gmail and enter your credentials for your Gmail account. Then, you need to select the email from the business, person, or any random address you would want to block. Once you open the email, click the arrow pointing down on the same line of the name or address of the sender. Then select Block “(sender’s name/address)”. Next time, you wouldn’t receive any emails coming from that particular name or address.

Inability Of Gmail To Open Mails

Sometimes, you may encounter problems such as inability to open mails as you log in to your Gmail account. The main cause in such instances is service outage, which you can check by visiting the G Suite Status dashboard from this link google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=status. If Gmail is undergoing this problem, you may have to wait until the service is restored.

Otherwise, you have to use Gmail-supported browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You may also want to clear your cookies or caches from saved websites, which would have caused loading and formatting issues. You can also use downdetector.com site in order to track user reports of problems they have encountered for Gmail. The comments section should be very useful when you are looking for ways to solve your dilemma.

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