Usually, Microsoft used to rule the operating system industry with Windows. Now that Google and Apple joined the scene, things have changed and Windows is faced with some serious competition. Although, Apple is the only one that is trying to compete when it comes to PCs and laptops with its Mac OS while Google is focused more on mobile devices.

The best thing about Google’s Android operating system is the fact that it can be found on smartphones, TVs and wearable gadgets. Therefore, Android fans can connect to their favorite devices without any problems, unlike Apple’s ecosystem that is limited to the iOS ecosystem.

Another great thing about Google is the large number of updates that it publishes every week. In fact, Google Play Services for Android TV has just been updated and the APK is available for download right now.

Google Play Services for Android TV 11.9.47 Beta APK Update

The update is available only for Android TV users who are enlisted in Google’s beta program but fortunately, Google is allowing anyone who owns an eligible TV set to enlist in the program. Therefore, Android TV users who are thinking about downloading the latest version of Google Play Services might want to consider enrolling in the beta program.

Android Beta Program

Regarding Google’s beta program, the only thing that the Android parent is asking in return for offering access to the latest updates ahead of everyone else is feedback. Furthermore, Google is renowned for paying a high level of attention to the feedback its customer base is sending in and for making changes to its operating system accordingly. This is what makes Google’s Android operating system so great.

Considering how Google Play Services is responsible for numerous important features such as allowing other apps to automatically update themselves and for saving privacy settings, Android fans should make sure to download the APK as soon as possible.

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