Well-crafted business plans play a huge role for the development of the vision and financial future of any business. One of the methods of getting where your business needs to go is via the business planner software. This basically takes out the legwork from writing a business plan. This can be done by removing the need to set up from scratch.

Here are the top business plan software for 2018 to help you build the right plan for your business.

Business Plan Pro

If you are looking for the top business plan software, the Business Plan Pro is one that provides everything that beginners need in order to develop professional business plans. Basically, the Standard Edition has more than 500 sample business plans, planning e-books, and industry profiles. However, it has a more advanced edition namely the Premier Edition, which enables the importation of data from Excel or QuickBooks, valuation-analysis tools, visual cash-planning capability, and additional financial tools.

Biz Plan Builder

The multi-user capabilities of Biz Plan Builder should be responsible for its high rank. It also has the ability to share stored files securely over the Web. Moreover, it helps users understand their business to help them become famous among investors and bankers. In addition, it includes development of future strategy to be able to review prospects of acquisition via valuation analysis, advice on restructuring, and addition of value for cultivating ideas and potential merger.


It offers a simple to use, contemporary online interface, providing flexibility for advanced users. It also enables other collaborators to edit, share, and access information with ease. This business planner has likewise recognized the significant advantage of giving applications allowing online integration and collaboration with other products and services.


If you want to get something that would walk you through the writing process, LivePlan business plan creation software should be right for you. It is a Web-based program that is suitable for business owners searching to make plans for startup business. This is also a great option for owners of business who are not sure of the business plan they really need. This is because it would provide a walkthrough process and would propose templates on the basis of your business goals. Moreover, it is template-based, providing intuitive, simple way to create your own business plan.


Free-Plan would provide a comprehensive document that is MS Word-based. It contains the detailed framework for creating your business plan, which includes tables and charts, sample text, and manual that offers section-by-section assistance. It is perfect for new or established businesses for expansion and for internal or external use.


This Microsoft Office website has a template gallery, which includes financials, business plan checklists, marketing, and presentations. This is useful if you need to have a specific template, which is in contrast to a general business plan. There is also a Microsoft PowerPoint application for business presentations if you are ready to reveal your business to your potential investors.

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