Samsung has erased additional beta updates for Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Note 8 models in the course of recent weeks.

However, a Reddit client, which name is /u/Child_Kicker_16 saw that another authorized OTA update is beginning to rise for the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S8.

What is this new update about?

This comes with a security improvement update, namely the January Android one, which remarkably gives insurance against the possibly terrible exploits caused by CPU, or, at least, that’s what Google says.

This update will also have a different boot logo and, the most prominent thing, Dolby Atmos audio integration. Dolby Atmos is a mainstream sound innovation that offers the audio improvement to gadgets whose creator has authorized the innovation. And since Atmos is an inconceivably famous sound tuning feature, it will undoubtedly make an appearance on Samsung Galaxy S8, this being a great thing for these smartphone’s owners.

How can I get it?

To get this for your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, it’s required for your gadget to gave the Snapdragon variation and should presently use the last Android Oreo beta BQL1 update.

Unfortunately for us, this new update that includes Dolby Atmos and January’s security patches improved is not yet accessible for the new Galaxy Note 8 phone. But let’s not crash our dreams, the update should still be here soon.

Given the current news that the Oreo beta program may end starting January 15th, it’s imaginable that the official Oreo OTA update for the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 is almost close to its releasing date.

Another feature

They also introduced some Samsung-particular changes to the operating system, with standard 8.0 stage features, like the picture-in-picture mode, bolster for the Autofill Framework, new notification channels, apps being strictly limited in the background, and, wait for it –  native support for OMS, which is the subject structure behind Substratum.

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