The famous MyDrivers website has shared that the 2018 Apple iPad Tablet will come with a new processor and it will feature eight processor cores. This powerful processor, aka A11X Bionic has two processor cores more than those used for the iPad Pro 12.9in and 10.5 in (2017). Is this feature important for buyers?

Is a stronger processor really necessary?

Once cannot help but wonder if this new upgrade is really necessary. Undoubtedly Apple was not joking around when it mentioned high-performance cored. The A11X can handle 3D games and consume as little battery as possible. The Face ID capacity will be enabled thanks to the Apple Neural Engine and there will also be a custom-designed Apple graphic processor included.

This sounds amazing, but is performance the only important thing when choosing a tablet? The idea behind iPad Pro models is that they can replace a laptop successfully. Even so, buyers still expect other features as well. Thankfully the tablet also has other great specs to satisfy all customers.

iPad Pro 2018

MyDrivers also reported that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be the one in charge of manufacturing the A11X 7-nanometer chip technology.

Such as strong processor means that software developers will have to try harder to develop feature rich-apps.

Apart from making gamers happy, this processor is great with augmented reality apps.

Rumor has it that the tablet will also feature minimal bezels and a TrueDepth camera system, similar to the one used for iPhone X. This kind of camera provides Animoji and Face ID authentication.


All in all, the American giant understands that performance is not the only feature that will make consumers buy the tablet. Features such as FaceID, designs with minimal bezels and elegant exterior are also a great help for marketing purposes.

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