Google has announced a few days ago on their official blog that they are changing the way Google Maps will look in the future. As the world is a place the keeps on evolving, so should Google Maps, they say. They intend to change the look so that it can keep up with the present world.

A New Look That ‘Reflects Your World’

We are going to see three major changes:

  1. Modes of transport will be changed so that they can show relevant information on all types of maps. For example, if you are inside a vehicle from the public transport, you will not see gas stations highlighted on the map. If you choose the map for driving in your car, you will see the gas stations.
  2. Points of interest (POI) are changing their color scheme. We will see a new color for Shopping POI – blue, for Entertainment and Leisure POI – teal, for Health POI – Red or Pink color, Food & Drink spots – orange, Outdoor POI – green, Services – Purple, Civil Services/Worship – Gray, Transport – Light Blue.
  3. New icons make their way inside Google Maps. We will see lots of new icons (about 100!) that will show you locations of aquariums, schools or churches, amusement parks, theatre, monument, music, arts, tourist, bank, resort, hospital, medical, boating, hiking, garden and many many more!

As for when we’re about to see them, Google mentioned that these changes will be available in the next weeks and then they will spread among all the products of Google that use Google Maps – Google Assistant, Search, Google Earth, and Android Auto.

We’re going to see these changes in apps, and over time they will also appear in the website version. Google aims at keeping the same user experience in all their Google Maps versions and integrations inside other software.

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