Google is coming out with new stuff for Android and lots of improvements. It will be probably launched on Pixel and Nexus devices first. We know by now that it advertises the next major version of Android P for the upcoming year. Still, we are wondering what the P stands for?! Leaving the Android P behind for a little time, we should look more for the fact that Google is now showing an interest to essential apps which is a plus for the tech users.

Google Assistant app

Google app has now a facelift and you never imagined spending so much time in the Google Assistant app before. Adding an updated version 7.17 to the Google app, this one introduces a slightly different setting page with no separators like earlier.

Some things got replaced for example Shared Devices is now under the name of Voice Match and it kept its original content. It represents the ability to recognize a user’s voice. It also adds the ability to retrain your voice and ask others to train theirs.

Google Lens features

The new Google Lens will gain a lot of attention from users since it is working on translation functionality for a sign and other print, as well as import Google Lens, capturing straight into Keep. It is a visual assistant that is able to recognize tones of objects and help users take action either there are text, landmark, book, movie or barcodes. When you select the Keyboard, this will appear on the left side of the microphone icon.

The camera is launched pretty quickly and the four colored pulsating dots will show you it’s active. The images captured will appear in your general Assistant history and a flash will illuminate what you are capturing from the top-right corner. The flash will remain on until you tap on an object for Lens to recognize.

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