There are a ton of instant messaging apps to choose from, but one of the more popular ones is WhatsApp. The app is more than one billion users all around the world, thanks to the best feature of all – it’s free to use.  It allows people the ability to share PDFs and other files while also giving them the ability to make video calls.

With an Internet connection, you can easily use WhatsApp and its host of features.

Can WhatsApp Be Used On The Nokia N8?

The first device to run Symbian OS was the Nokia N8, and many people wondered if it were possible for this Nokia device to support WhatsApp. Thankfully, for now, it can support the popular instant messaging program.  All you need to do is visit the following like to get the app –

  • Installation Through Nokia App – Go to the Nokia app to download and install the WhatsApp app. Visit the manufacturer’s Store and look for WhatsApp. Hit the WhatsApp icon to start the installation process. After that, follow the instructions you’re given.
  • Installation Through The Official Website – The app can also be installed by visiting the main website. Since the device is similar to other WhatsApp capable devices, you just need to visit to download the file and install the app.

Be sure you get the latest WhatsApp version installed on your phone. This will ensure you have the latest security updates and feature improvements that others are already enjoying.

How You Can Install WhatsApp On Your Nokia N8 Device

With so many people using the WhatsApp instant messaging service, it’s no wonder it became so popular. Many people using it on their devices were shocked to learn that the company would stop supporting the app for Nokia and Blackberry devices along with any Android device running 2.2 or older software.

The truth is, that’s not a real surprise. After all, the devices are old and so is the OS versions.

It appears, in the meantime, that the Nokia N8 is still using WhatsApp. If you go the supported device list for WhatsApp, you’ll see that Nokia N8 is listed under the Symbian OS section. Not that big of a surprise, as the N8 was the first device to use Symbian OS. While it’s not a total prize, it’s better than what you see with Windows Mobile.

2 Ways To Install The WhatsApp App On An Nokia N8 Device

  • Nokia App – Go to the Store app and find WhatsApp using the search bar. Hit the icon so the app will start downloading and then install it. That’s simple to do, right?
  • Official Nokia Website – Go to and hit the “Download Now” button. Follow the instructions to install the app. Again, fairly easy to do.

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