You should probably be wondering why Adobe Flash Player is still used by so many websites around the world. In fact, users are required to install the latest version of the plug-in before they can access videos, games, or documents from a particular webpage.

The reason behind this is that Adobe Flash Player has become the most popular browser-based app on the planet. Moreover, it has a plethora of features, serving a great number of purposes. Likewise, it has been updated by its developers in order to enhance its abilities to provide better user experience.

The latest updated version is, which provides a number of cool features. Such would include Content Protection for mobile devices, support for JPEG-XR content formats, and protection for HTTP dynamic streaming.

Despite all that, you can say that this plug-in has reached its final days. Although you can tell that there is a ton of updates along the way, this plug-in will no longer be used soon. Users all over the world have also been concerned about the security and privacy issues connected to this plug-in.

A type of malware has even used this vulnerability to victimize organizations in Russia and some countries in Europe. This was called Bad Rabbit, a ransomware that infects an entire organization without being detected.

If a user visits an infected website, he or she will be directed to another site that hosts malicious files. For this reason, users are then held to pay US$285 or 0.05 bitcoins in order to get back the files that were encrypted for the moment.

Fortunately, common antimalware apps should be able to detect this malicious app. Therefore, Bad Rabbit will be stopped the moment it will be detected. Moreover, the ransomware has now been contained with the infected websites removed from the Internet.

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