Does Amazon really have a credit card? The answer to that question is yes they do and not just one but there are a couple of them that you can choose from.

Amazon today is the first largest online shopping company to have ever existed. Apart from being an online shopping company, Amazon also has other online products like their scalable cloud services that other giant online shops like Ebay and Alibaba do not have.

Being such a big part of Internet commerce especially in the US it would only be natural for Amazon to offer their own credit card for their customers to use. Aside from being a potential income stream for them, it also enhances the user experience especially for long-time and loyal Amazon patrons.

What are the different Amazon credit cards?

  1. Store Card

This card is a bare-bones credit card for Amazon patrons and customers. This is available for shoppers of Amazon that did not register for the prime membership promotion of Amazon. With this card, the customers can enjoy a zero percent financing option for purchases. If the customer possessing this card becomes a Prime member, he or she can automatically upgrade to the Amazon Prime Store Card.

  1. Amazon Prime Store Card

The Amazon Prime Store Card is one of the hottest items for an Amazon patron right now. If you are already a prime member you can available of the Amazon Prime Store Card without additional cost. This card is great for those who regularly go to Amazon for their needs (and wants) because with this card the prime member can get a 5% back for all their purchases on Amazon. And instead of the 5% back they could also choose a special financing scheme instead that depends of the price of the item/s to be bought.

Basically if your item cost less than $149 you are only eligible for a 5% back but more than that amount however will make you eligible for the 0% financing. Twelve months of %0 financing for $599 and only six months for amounts less than $599. If the item is sold by Amazon then you can opt for the 24-month 0% financing option.

While the deal is well and good, it is wise to keep in mind that if you fail to pay the amount in full before the set promotional time is up an interest rate will be charged.

  1. Amazon Credit Card

The Amazon Credit Card or the Amazon Rewards Visa is another great credit card option for Amazon you can use. You will be able to use it outside of Amazon as long as the store accepts Visa cards. If you use it to buy within Amazon you are eligible for a 3% back. You are also eligible for a %back at gas stations, drugstores, and restaurants. Those that do not fall under this category you can still get a 1% back. The only catch is that the rewards are only reusable within, but that is still a good deal if you always shop at Amazon anyway.

  1. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

This came out only January of this year and it is a hybrid of Amazon Prime Store Card and Amazon Credit Card. It has the Amazon 5% back but does not offer the special financing scheme of Amazon Prime Store Card.

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