With the year 2017 almost over, it definitely got easier through time to hack into a computer or telephone. And with this agitated life, it’s even easier to lose your phone. And that is why we’re supposed to know the importance of backing up data. Storages can help too, even online cloud storages, and their price is fair, but it’s not precisely called free. But to get one thing that’s free, you can take advantage of unlimited Google Drive storage. Yes. For free.

It is possible that by now you have a proper app to help you back up your data, like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. Google, who is a great guy, announced in 2014 that they will let educational institutions get away without a certain fee for using their apps (Google Drive included), through Google for Education program. More than that, they even reduced the storage limit for Google Drive and helped us by adding to the family the support for individual file that can get as high as 5 TB, when it comes to talking about size. You should get access easily if your school uses the Google for Education program or if you have a .edu email.

So here’s how it works:


Google for Education is a free Google service that allows school administrators to give information about the staff, teachers and students. So it is understandable why so many schools, colleges and universities have chosen to use it. It’s just as easier as it sounds. All you have to do is have a .edu email account, with which you will log in to the platform. You can now have access to it from your Gmail account and you can handle your cloud storage from Google Drive, considering it’s kind attitude over people around the world.

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