Even though GTA 5 did not receive as much updates as its predecessors, there have been a lot of other updates for GTA online that have made this latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto the best version of the game franchise so far. That is if GTA 6 will surpass it when it gets released.

The GTA online updates come in the form of new heists missions. This are mode extensions of the game that only gets unlock when a player reaches Rank 12 and gets to own his or her own high-end apartment.

There are a lot of high-end apartments that you can acquire in GTA online and the cheapest one is called Apartment 7 which is found at Del Perro Heights. This particular high-end apartment will cost you $200,000.

Although you can still play heists through invitation from a heist leader as long as you have already completed Gerald’s first last team standing job, but only the heist leader can save the progress of the heists game.

Your Checklist before a GTA online heist

In order to increase your chances of succeeding in any of the GTA online heist there are a couple of measures that you can take. To avoid making newbie mistakes this checklist should be checked off before engaging in any of the heist missions.

  1. Remember to refill your supplies

This should be an automatic thing regardless of the current skill level of the player. However, many forget that you can easily do this if you master your menu shortcuts while in the middle of a heist. Just remember to do this while in a good and decent cover.

  1. Invest on a Vest

Yes bulletproof vests will make your movement a little bit slower, however it will be able to protect you a lot. Damages that you will take when wearing a vest will only be half of what you ought to have received without a vest.

  1. Know your Map and (4) the Team

The Map is a crucial part of the game. Knowing how to use the map and being able to navigate through the game without following the directions given to the letter can sometimes enhance your chances of succeeding with the heist.

In addition to map, you also need to know your team well. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of the team members you as a team leader can formulate a strategy on the go while on the heist.

2 GTA Heist you should play

  1. The Fleeca Job

In this heist there are basically two missions. The first mission is to take Lester to the bank after which you go back to the Warehouse. The second mission is that you must steal the Kuruma from the gangsters and take it back to the Warehouse in mission one. You must play this heist because this is like a tutorial heist that will prepare you for the more difficult ones.

  1. The Pacific Standard Heist

This is one of the hardest heist you can play on GTA online. This heist has five missions and in this heist you can unlock Savage, Principe Lectro, and Gang Burrito Van. You will need four players to play this heist and involves a swat army, police cars, and even a helicopter. If you play through all the obstacles you will have definitely become a formidable GTA online player.

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