Some of the best antivirus softwares are Karspersky Small Office Security 4.0, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security and Panda Endpoint Protection Plus 7.20. Small business owners know it is very important to keep all information safe from malware. Technology is always evolving and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which antivirus program is best for your small company.

What to know before reading about the antivirus offers

Depending on whether you have a small business with a couple of computers or a developed network, there are several offers on the market with business setups. It is important to see everything available on the market before deciding for one. There are free downloads and some for which you have to pay. A good antivirus is always updated to keep track of the latest malware by using behavior-based identification.

What to do after installing an antivirus program

Whether you decide for a Karspersky program or a Bitdefender, it is important to know that there are also dedicated IT services which can take care of it. If your business is at the beginning, then it is also good to understand that most antivirus software is self-regulating. This means that once the software is installed, the program runs itself and the default settings will protect your PCs. Users can also configure a white and a black list for all programs and websites that might be accessed.

Types of antivirus software

There are several types of software for small businesses and a good start is to decide on standard or advanced products. There might be no need of using top notch advanced features if your business operates with just a few computers.

Other features to pay attention to are performance, usability, pricing, help and support and platform compatibility.

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