The South Korean film distribution company has millions of users around the world. The online movie app for Android allows users to stream their favorite movies or watch trailers on their smartphones.

Showbox App: features

The free movie streaming app is relatively new compared to its biggest competitors such as Lotte Entertainment or CJ Entertainment. However, the free app has turned out to be very popular and it released various blockbusters.

The app is user-friendly and it has a nice interface. It does not require a Signup process or Log in details. Another pro to download the app is the fact that it has little weight. There are many free movies, TV Shows, trailers and more. The best part of this app is that it offers a free of charge service. Users can use the search button and check out the available movies.

There are several versions to choose from: ShowBox 4.9, ShowBox 4.91, ShowBox 4.92, ShowBox 4.93 and ShowBox 4.94. All versions work perfectly and they can be installed as third party app on any Android device.

How to install ShowBox APK

After the future user decides which APK version will be used, he/she has to transfer it to their Android device. This can be done using a Bluetooth connection or a standard USB cable. After the file has been transferred, the next step is to launch the app from File Manager. A message asking the user if he/she wants to install the ShowBox APK file will appear and where. Afterwards the installation process will begin and it is usually pretty fat. It should not take more than a couple of minutes and it can be observed from the mobile’s screen.

After the installation process is completed successfully, the user must select the Open button or launch the app by selecting the ShowBox app from the apps menu.

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