More people are using mobile apps to get free calls nowadays. The use of voice over Internet protocol or VoIP apps have become more popular because calls made over cellular connection would incur data charges. However, this would depend on the free calling apps used by your family or friends. Here are some of the popular apps for iOS and Android devices.


One of the free calling apps that made it first in the VoIP trend is Skype. It is famous for making free local and international calls to other users. Moreover, it provides lower cost to make international calls to any non-Skype users. Microsoft was able to add new features after it acquired Skype in 2011. Such features include sharing videos, links, and photos.

WhatsApp Messenger

When it comes to popularity, WhatsApp never goes unnoticed. This is because its user base has reached more than 1 billion users. Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014. It uses your device’s Internet connection in order to contact friends or family via text or voice calls. You may use a cellular connection, but additional charges will be applied.

Google Hangouts

According to a reliable source, the Hangouts app from Google is a tool that has lots of features. In fact, it could integrate well with the mobile environment, whether iOS or Android, having a large community of active users. You may enjoy using the free voice and video calling features as long as your contacts use the same app. Moreover, you will be able to use the app for sending messages or share videos or photos to your contacts. It also offers stickers and emoji to create self-expressions.

Facebook Messenger

Nearly 2 billion users are now using Facebook Messenger all around the world. You can use it as a chat tool, instant messaging, and free voice and video calling to other Facebook mobile users. Finding friends is easier by using their phone numbers or names on Facebook.

Viber Messenger

When it comes to free voice and video calls, one of the most famous apps is Viber Messenger with over 800 million users. Viber uses your mobile number in order to identify you over the Internet, which integrates with your contacts seamlessly. This will indicate that you can call them on Viber for free. It also uses thousands of stickers that would be useful in expressing yourself via its 30-second instant video messages.

Google Duo

Aside from being a video chatting app, Google Duo is also a free calling app. This app offers free calls on a multi-platform setting. So, you can use it even if you are on an iOS or Android device, but it only allows you to do video calls in order to enjoy this feature.

These are just a few of the many free calling apps you can use for your iOS or Android device. Just make sure you download and install the apps from the official App Store and Play Store to avoid getting malware.

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